video transfers 


Shipping of your originals

We recommend that you send your tapes by Special Delivery. Any dispute regarding loss or damage of your tapes in transit should be taken up directly with Royal Mail or your delivery company, but we will assist where necessary

Protection of your tapes

We take great care with your tapes. In the exceptionally unlikely event of us causing damage to or loss of any of your tapes, we will pay up to 50 compensation per order. Please note that this does not apply to tapes that arrived in a damaged condition or those damaged during playback due to being in poor or fragile condition.

DVD discs, USB sticks or hard disks

We reproduce your tapes onto high quality DVD-R disks where the DVD option is selected. Most DVD players will play DVD-R discs but it is advisable to consult the manual for your particular DVD player to check. If you have trouble with a DVD-R disc, let us know and we can supply the less popular DVD+R format in case your player requires these.  Be aware that there are a very few DVD players which are incapable of playing any recorded DVD.  Unless there is some special reason you require DVDs, we recommend video files on a USB stick or hard disk instead.

We can supply quality USB sticks and hard disks at competitive prices.  If you choose to supply your own USB sticks, make sure they are high quality and blank since all existing data will be wiped.

If you send a hard disk or USB stick directly from a supplier, it is very important that you include your name in the address so it is clear which dive is yours when it arrives.

Delivery Time

We aim to complete and dispatch your transfers within 3 working days from receipt. For larger orders of 10 or more tapes, this may be up to 10 working days. If there is any reason this could be longer, we will inform you.  If you have a particular target date requirement, please let us know.

Return of tapes

We recommend that you elect to have your tapes returned, which is generally done after you have confirmed safe receipt of the transfers.  A quote for return postage is usually supplied when you put in your transfer request, but generally is less than 5 for one tape of VHS size or similar, in the UK.  Normal 1st class post is used for return of tapes unless you request otherwise.  If you decide not to have the tapes returned, they will be disposed of, for which there is usually a very small charge.   If you require any tapes to be securlely magnetically erased before disposal, let us know, there will be a small extra charge for this.

Complaints Procedure and realistic expectations.

If you have a quality complaint or problem with regard to our work please e-mail us at and we will attend to your difficulty promptly.

Though we can sometimes perform small miracles, you must bear in mind that very poor original tapes will not give DVD movie playback quality.

Of course when you have tapes which don't have a blank section at the start, the first second or two of a tape may not be recoverable for a multitude of reasons including: Tape damage and dropouts.  Differences in the tape path design between different makes and models of deck.  Servo setting time.  Capture start-up time.

Your Responsibilities

1: Whilst we will not get involved in obvious copyright infringement, we are just a media transfer and editing business. It is up to you to decide whether you have reasonable rights to take a digital copy of the source material.  UK law generally allows for one digital copy of a recording which you own.

2: We require that you include a copy of your postal address and email address with your tapes, and preferably include at least a brief description of the service you require.  Where there are a quantity of tapes, please number them uniquely.  This assists us in getting your order carried out quickly.  

3: Please do not use staples in your packaging.

Website amendments

We may alter the pricing and information on our website from time to time and the changes will take effect immediately unless agreed otherwise.  When there are special announcements such as non-availability for a few days, these are clearly marked in red at the top of the web site. Confidentiality Policy

Neither your tapes nor the recordings from them will be sold or distributed in any way without your express permission. Neither will the recordings be compromised by placement onto insecure computer systems.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

The data we retain from a customer is limited to:
Occasionally we may also have your telephone number if you provided that to us, but it is not generally required.
No payment details are recorded or held by
Customer data is held in three ways:
1: The original email (including online order form) which the customer sends.
2: A spreadsheet which is used for tax purposes.
3: Address labels on packages and proof of posting labels and receipts.

Only the proof of posting labels and receipts are retained as paper documents, as is required by UK tax law.  They hold only the customer name, address and posting date and cost.

The customer data is shared only with our accountants and (if required) HMRC.

Your email will not be shared with any third party except in the case that you have requested me to help with running some format that I do not support, such as cine film.

You have the right to ask to see what data we hold on you, and to that extent is permissible by tax law, to have that data deleted.

Data is retained on computer systems at which are protected by firewalls and passwords.  Data may be backed up using a secure cloud service, details of which can be provided if required. 

Video files on computer systems are not backed up, and are generally deleted around four weeks after you have your work unless there is some special reason that you have requested the data is retained for longer.  It is your responsibility to back up any USB stick, hard disk or video sent as an upload.  Video files are not accessible from beyond the network of the studio.

Disclaimers will not be liable for any economic losses (including, without limitation, loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings), any loss of goodwill or reputation, or any special, indirect or consequential damages (however arising, including negligence, technical failure, or inability to carry out transfers) arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.  


All prices quotes are in UK Pounds and any payments from abroad must be made in UK pounds with all currency conversion costs accounted for at your end.  We are not VAT registered since we are not required to be so, therefore no VAT receipt is possible.  If you require a receipt for our services, just request this.

Payment terms

Most customers use bank transfer or the PAYM mobile 'phone app, details of these will be supplied once the bill is calculated.  Alternatively, please make cheques (drawn on a UK bank) to "video99".   Due to a change in UK law as of 13.01.18, Paypal is not generally accepted any more because it is now illegal to include the Paypal fees unless that charge is also applied to customers who pay by other means, which clearly is unfair. 

In some cases by prior arrangement, we will look at your tapes and give a price having examined the amount of material on them. If you decide not to go ahead, you will normally only be charged the return postage of your tapes. In the case of large batches of 10 or more tapes, there may be a small fee for ascertaining the running times, but this will be discussed in advance.

In cases of major companies and government agencies, a Pro-Forma invoice may be possible if required.  Invoice payment within 30 days please.