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DVD to DVD, DVD-Ram to DVD

Have a DVD-Ram disk that you can't play?  Or a rewritable DVD which you can't seem to play on some DVD players, perhaps one recorded in DVD-VR mode?  Or a DVD recorded somewhere which you need duplicating?  A miniature 3" DVD which you would like copied to a normal 5" sized one?  A DVD-RW recorded in VR mode that you can't play?  I can do all of these, just ask.  I may be able to assist with NTSC to PAL DVD transfers too, so ask if you require this.  We have a professional CD / DVD polishing machine which can be used to help recover scratched discs, the cost for polishing depends on scratch severity but will generally be about 10 - 20 per disc plus the cost of copying.

Underside of a DVD-Ram disc.

  A DVD-Ram disk has odd looking patterns underneath, and may come in a special "caddy" box.  I can do DVD-Ram to DVD-Video transfers for you at low prices.

Contact me with your requirements for any DVD to DVD transfers so I can give you a quote.  Prices start from 3.50 per DVD for simple duplication.

If you have a DVD of any type recorded on a camcorder which has not been finalised (so you can't view it), I can probably assist with that too, just ask.

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Use the easy order page, just select what kind of DVDs you have and supply your details.  DVD-RAM to DVD transfer.  DVD copying. 

Laserdisc logoLaserdisc to DVD or video files

LD image

We can run both NTSC and PAL Laserdiscs to DVDs or high quality video files using our rare professional Pioneer LD-V4300D player which includes an integral timebase corrector for fantastic results (other machines may be used to suit certain customer requirements).  Contact me with your requirements for any Laserdisc to DVD or video file transfers so I can give you a quote.   Prices from at 25 (plus post) for a straight PAL Laserdisc to DVD (or video files) transfer of about an hour.

Here is a BBC pamphlet from arund 1984 showing new releases on VHS, Beta, V2000 and Laserdisc.

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Testimonials and social media.

We are listed on the independent Freeindex service, you can read and add to reviews there.  Most customers use that method for testimonials now.

We also have a collection of fascinating testimonials from some famous names, see the famous names testimonials page. 

Please also subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can see some of the work we do and fantastic equipment we have.  In particular see our YouTube video on recovering data from scratched DVDs.
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