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The next few Q/A concern DVDs but these days I recommend video files on a USB stick instead.  Only select DVDs if you need them for some special reason.

Other general Q/A.

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Don't risk your precious memories with any old video transfer outfit, some people just use a tired old video machine and a cheap DVD recorder connected up with an aerial cable.  See testimonials of my work below, to know that the extra effort I put in really pays off.  My video recorders are properly cleaned, aligned, serviced and thoroughly tested before your tapes go anywhere near them.  Almost all of my transfers are done with the benefit of a full-frame Digital Timebase Corrector to stabilise the image, and I use the most compatible DVD-R format of blank disk unless you specify otherwise.  I've been doing  Betamax to DVD copies for many years, being one of the first in the UK, and then extended this to a huge range of other formats.  As as a qualified electronic engineer with a strong consumer electronics background, I know what I'm doing.  I'm based near Plymouth, Devon, so you can drop tapes in personally if you live nearby.

Video test signal in the workshop  Analysing a video test signal in my workshop using expensive digital test equipment.

Video2000 machine being serviced at Antique Video2000 machine running in my workshop with chassis in service position.

You will have to take responsibility regarding copyright material.  If the recordings are your own work, then you own the copyright.  However if the recordings include TV programmes, films etc., then you should try to gain permission from the original artists or broadcasters.  I have to leave this with you and your conscience!   I will not get involved in any blatant copyright infringement of course.  Confidentially and security is assured, previous customers have trusted me with tapes including:

This site is run for the purposes of keeping my collection of video equipment in good working order, and to make people happy by providing a useful video to transfer service.  This is why I am prepared to accept some models of old video recorder as part or full payment for transfers, and why my prices are lower than the large London based companies.  It's also the reason I can put more time and effort into your transfers, because I take pride in getting the best possible results.  What you get are top quality transfers at the UK's lowest prices, not fancy packaging that some companies include "free".  Smaller jobs are often done same day, no need to wait three weeks like a certain company in Glasgow has been known to do.  You also get flexibility, I will always try to help if you have special requirements.

We have a new and easy order page, just select what kind of tapes you have and supply your details.


I don't do cine film transfers, but can recommend Chris at Save Those Memories who do.

Though I will handle work from across the globe, if you are looking for a Video tape to DVD Conversion Service within Australia then do consider

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sky satellite TV see  

DVD players buyers information and products at 3 Wise Monkeys

Service manuals for lots of old equipment are available at the very helpful site

For computer equipment including hard drives, I would recommend you visit Ebuyer.

Now can you help me?

If you have a dead or unwanted interesting video recorder in the UK, I will happily pay the postage (typically less than 12 with Royal Mail Parcels) to have it sent to me, so that I can try to repair it and find a new home.  I can use all Sanyo Beta front loader machines, also the Sanyo VTC5000 and VTC5150, and any Sony Beta machine from SL-C9 onwards.  Unwanted Video2000 format machines may be welcome too, and early Philips N1500 or N1700 machines or other oddball formats.  (Generally I do not want VHS video recorders, nor analogue camcorders of any format.)  Sony miniDV and Digital8 camcorders are also of interest.  Also, if you have any service manuals for old video equipment which you don't need, they would also be useful to me.  My wanted list also includes:

I can be contacted here if you have any of these, and I may accept non-working but intact video recorders of the above mentioned models, in full or part exchange for transferring your recordings.

Great, what do I do next?  How to request a video transfer.

We have a new and easy order page, just select what kind of tapes you have and supply your details.



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