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How to request an audio or video transfer
Use the easy order page below or here.  Just select what kind of tapes you have and supply your details.

Though DVDs are still possible, most customers take video files on a USB stick or hard disk (depending on running times).

Please select the format(s) you want transferred (Help on how to tell which kind of video tape you have)
VHS, VHS-C Click for more information on VHS & VHS-C

SVHS (Super-VHS),
Click for more information on SVHS & SVHS-C
DV miniDV
miniDV / DV Click for more information on miniDV & DV

Click for more information on DVCAM
Video8 Digital8
Video8, Hi8, Digital8 Click for more information on Video8, Hi8 & Digital8

Large DVCPro DVCPro
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Beta (Betamax) Click for more information on Beta

microMV Click for more information on microMV
Large Betacam Small Betacam
Betacam / BetacamSP Click for more information on Betacam & BetacamSP

Large DigiBeta Small DigiBeta
Digital Betacam
      DigiBeta/SX/ HDCAM, HDCAM-SR
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Large Umatic Small Umatic
Umatic (including High
      Band and SP)
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Large MII Small MII
MII Click for more information on MII
      or SVR
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V2000 (VCC Video
      Compact Cassette)
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DVD, DVD-Ram,  Laserdisc
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CVC Click for more information on CVC
Not known Other

Cassette Open Reel
Audio (including
      cassette, DAT, MD)
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Click on the Information symbol symbols above for information on the format.  Using this form implies acceptance of cookies.

If you don't know what kind of tapes you have, or want to see pictures of them, scroll through this page.  

If for any reason you get stuck filling out the form, just email me and I'll help you personally.  It's a personal service I offer, not like some of the big video editing houses.  I understand that in many cases you will not be able to tell how much material is on the original recordings. In which case we can usually deal with payment later once I've worked on the tapes.  Payment is best done by bank transfer, but cheque to video99 are acceptable too.  Please read our Terms and Conditions, which form part of the agreement.

If you would like to speak to me personally, you can telephone Colin during normal hours, on: 01752 881652. 6th February 2024:  We have a new 'phone system which is proving temperamental so you may prefer to call my mobile on: 077 699 04857.  The best times to call are: Monday-Friday 10am-2:15pm.  You can always email  

Postal address: The reason our address is not on the site?  To prevent any loss or confusion caused by tapes arriving unannounced and without a return address, we ask that you contact us first before sending tapes.  So please fill out the order form, or email and then we'll send you the full postal details.  We're based in Devon near Plymouth, most customers send tapes by Special Delivery which is very quick and very safe.  We also take work from all over the world since we specialise in rare and difficult tapes which are not supported anywhere else.  You must remember to include your details with the tapes, especially your email address; failure to do so is the only thing which makes us a little bit grumpy! 

A note about quality and value for money: There are some transfer services on eBay and similar, offering to squeeze 3 or even 4 hours of video onto a DVD for about a fiver.  But recorded single layer DVDs can only provide full resolution for up to around 2 to 2.5 hours, so you know they are not providing you with full resolution transfers.  Do they use the best equipment, do they use  Digital Timebase Correctors for best possible results, do they carefully adjust the colour alignment and other controls to correct imperfections on the tape?  No, not at that price, you know they don't.  We don't run much material to DVD any more but many of the cheaper outfits cannot generate high quality, low compression video files at all.  They can also hide other costs, for example one of the "cheap" companies charge 25 to repair a faulty tape, but video99 charges just 5 and sometimes waives that too.  Video99 has long lists of very happy customers, see the testimonials, some from famous names, and you can see that we provide the highest possible quality.  The "cheap" companies can also let you down because they can't handle any recordings which are unusual formats, foreign TV systems or difficult tapes, and they can make you wait months before returning your tapes if they can't run them!  So who provides the best value?

If you want your tapes back after you have the transfers:  Not everyone needs their tapes returned once they have the transfers, but if you do (and we recommend it), we will need to add postage costs. For a single video tape in the UK, this is usually 3.85.  For larger quantities, and tapes from outside the UK, I will let you know.  Ideally can you ensure you send the tapes in a package which is sufficiently large and robust for me to use to send back your original tapes. Usually I will send the DVDs or video files to you ahead of returning your tapes, then when you've confirmed you are happy with the transfers, I will return your tapes. This way I can help you further if necessary - for example you can now see you want a different part of a tape transferred on its own or you want extra copies.  When you receive your tapes back, you may notice that the record tabs have been removed or switched to the safe position. The first thing I do with a tape is make sure that it cannot be recorded on, so protecting your important recordings.  If you don't want tapes returned, there may be a small charge for some tapes since we pay for a proper disposal service.

**  Work taken on for other businesses can be supplied without video99 branding on DVDs, USB sticks or data folders, ready for re-branding, but please ask for this.  However video99 will never secretly outsource work to another company; if there's something we don't handle (like Cine Film) then we will try to suggest someone who can help you.

Also see the Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Whatever your tape, watch it again.  A huge range of audio and video formats can be transferred to digital files.

Click below on the tape format you have to read a little about the video tapes and see the some guide prices.  If you you're not sure what your tape is, scroll down this page until you see it, or just ask for help.  I have possibly the largest selection of video cassette formats available in the UK.  All kinds of video cassette and camcorder tapes can be copied at prices which make it well worth leaving it to an expert.

We usually provide DV-AVI files of 13GB per hour from most video formats.  These are much higher quality than the compressed files you would get from a cheap video to USB converter gadget, and are much better suited to editing.  In the case of minidv and Digital8 tapes, these DV-AVI files are a pure lossless copy from teh digital tape contents which even retain the original time/date information which some software can access.  Additionally I offer MPEG4 files of about 4GB per hour, ideal for playback on most modern TVs as well as portable devices, the extra cost for these smaller files is very minimal. Some professional studio tapes are available as other video file formats including 10-bit YUV (huge file sizes though). 

Most customers today prefer video files to DVDs, some pricing is shown here for the more popular formats.  Video files are higher quality than DVDs, easier to edit, share and back up, so a better format for future generations.  Assuming at least 10 hours, the cost to DV-AVI video files would be:
7 per hour for miniDV (miniDV/DVCAM and Digital8 are a pure digital lossless transfer, retaining the original time/date data, which some video editing software can access). This is the same hourly price we have been charging since 2008!
8 per hour for Video8/Hi8/Digital8
9 per hour for VHS, SVHS, Beta or microMV
10 per hour for  V2000 tapes
10.50 per hour for HDV to lossless full quality High Definition MPEG2 files, consuming around 12GB/hour.
12.50 per hour for VHSC tapes
The cost is per hour of useful material, blank tapes and blank sections don't count, plus return post.  If there are a lot of very short tapes then a minimum charge of usually 3.50 per tape may apply.   Less than around 10 hours is 50% more per hour, a single tape usually being 15 minimum.  Normally I provide DV-AVI video files which consume 13GB per hour, so a few hours may go onto a USB stick but a lot of tapes require a small USB hard drive.  I can provide suggestions for a suitable drive, just ask.  I keep high quality USB sticks in stock at competive prices, avoid buying cheap eBay USB sticks which are all fakes.

Not only do I offer a cheap video transfer service,  it's a personal and helpful service with the highest possible quality and attention to detail as standard.  I'm happy to help when you don't know which tape an important recording is on, or you have other special requests.

Click to read more about...  
Beta (Betamax) video99 is the UK Beta specialist, covering rare international variants and PCM audio too.
VHS / VHS-C   SVHS (Super-VHS) / S-VHS-C All international variants fully covered.  Digital Timebase Correctors used for the best results.
Video2000 (V2000 / Video Compact Cassette) video99 has a wealth of experience with the V2000 format.
Video 8  Hi8  Digital8  Superb results from these camcorder tapes, and international variants fully covered, including PCM digital audio tapes.
miniDV / HDV / DVCAM  International variants covered too.  Transfer to or from digital tapes.  HDV is supported in 1080/60i, 1080/24p, 1080/30p, 1080/50i, 1080/25p and more.
DVCPRO It's hard to find transfer services for DVCPRO and especially the DVCPRO-50 and DVCPRO-HD variants, in both PAL and NTSC.
microMV International variants covered, and  help with micromv editing too.
Betacam / Betacam SP and Digital Betacam / BetacamSX Excellent results at a much lower cost than the London based companies, international variants covered too.  Includes HDCAM and HDCAM-SR.
Umatic (lo-band, hi-band, U-matic SP)  Possibly the only UK business to support all international variants of Umatic, as well as PCM digital audio.  Most tapes go via a studio Digital Timebase Corrector which is specially designed for Umatic use.
Philips VCR (N1500), VCR-LP (N1700) and SVR video99 is possibly the only transfer service in the world specialising in all variants of these tapes.

CVC from Technicolor / Funai 

The only transfer service in the world offering this exceptionally rare format in both PAL and NTSC.
MII format from Panasonic video99 is almost unique in the UK, supporting this rare professional format.
DVD and Laserdisc
Extracting from unfinalised DVD-RW, DVD-Ram, camcorder mini DVDs, Laserdisc and more.
Audio Transfers All kinds of audio tapes; DAT, cassette, open reel, 8-track, DCC, DTRS, ADAT, PCM, NT, Stenocassette, dictation machine tapes and more. To audio files or CD.
Questions and Answers (FAQ) Also includes help on how to transfer miniDV tapes yourself.
Television systems PAL / NTSC / SECAM explained.
News from video99 A little blog about our work.

We have an easy order page, just select what kind of tapes you have and supply your details.

Be careful who you trust your precious memories to.  I am a qualified electronic engineer with over 30 years of video editing and servicing experience.  I've been transferring video tapes since the start of suitable digital recording equipment almost 20 years ago, and I put that special care and attention into my work which shows.  Yet my prices are as low as the cheapest on the Internet.  I also offer more tape formats than possibly any other company, in some cases at a third of the cost of the competition.  I use Digital Timebase Correctors to get the very best results, many transfer services do not have these.  I can also do special services such as taking stills from a video, transferring confidential or private video material, video files on USB stick or hard disk, repairing damaged tapes and more, just ask

Example price:  Betamax video including Hifi stereo sound of 2:30 hours, copied to DVD for 13, an extra copy for 3.50.  Or a single Beta/VHS/minidv/Video8 tape to DV-AVI and MPEG4 video files from 15.  If you can find anyone advertising a lower price, do tell me!  No VAT to add, our turnover is presently below the VAT threshold and we aim to keep it that way.  Most customers pay by bank transfer / PAYM, but cheque to video99 is fine too.  A change in UK law from January 2018 means that Paypal cannot usually be accepted any more, sorry.

We can help with other services not listed here, including data recovery from damaged Hard Disk camcorders, data recovery from PC and Mac 3.5" floppy disks and PC format 5.25" floppies, data recovery from accidentally wiped memory cards.  Just ask.

Also see my Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Testimonials and social media

We are listed on the independent Freeindex service, you can read and add to reviews there.  Most customers use that method for testimonials now. 

We also have a collection of fascinating testimonials from some famous names, see the famous names testimonials page. 

Please also subscribe to our successful YouTube channel where you can see some of the work we do and fantastic equipment we have.
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Video Files

Transfers of video to upload, USB sticks or Hard Disk files for your own editing. 

Most customers these days like to use their own computer and software to edit their videos for themselves.  Here are some suggestions for free video editing software for PC.  On a Mac, iMovie is a reasonable starting place.

Nearly all customers take DV-AVI files on hard disk.  These hard disk transfers are suitable for both PC and Mac video editing and cost just 7 - 9 per hour for 10 hours or more for most formats (see price list above).  All video formats are available with this option.  We can provide the hard disk, or you can order one from a supplier such as Ebuyer or Amazon and have it shipped directly here.  Small jobs of up to a few hours may fit a USB stick or can be uploaded to you.  Additionally I offer smaller MPEG4 files at a very small cost, these will play on most modern TVs which have a USB socket.   We keep a stock of USB sticks and portable hard disks if required.

Showreel videos and DVDs for casting companies

I can transfer all video formats to make up video clips and/or DVDs for performers, camera operators and programme producers, ready to send to potential clients or casting agents or companies such as Spotlight.  These will  be made up quickly and affordably, to a professional standard, and you can preview the work as it progresses to be sure you are absolutely happy with the results.  Just ask if you require this.

Also see the Questions and Answers (FAQ)

If you have any questions, just email me and I'll reply promptly.   Also see the Questions and Answers (FAQ)  All material on this web site is copyright 2005-2024 and though trade marks remain with the manufacturers.

See my Beta (Betamax) web page.  Other sites of mine: My Homepage, The Hillman Avenger car, Pictures of PlymouthBSB & Squarials, a Virtual Loft full of stuff and my HiFi page which has more information on video and audio equipment.  We are listed on: the most comprehensive guide for Plymouth on the internet.  Please also subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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